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Peter Dunsmore

We only have the one body, how we look after it now, is how it will pay us back in the future.

For me, sport is my passion; exercise is my fuel; results are my energy to strive to reach my greatest potential. My drive to become a Personal Trainer began when I was plagued with a short series of serious, yet unavoidable injuries. This stumbling block in an otherwise smooth run abruptly incapacitated my fitness regime.
My rehabilitation opened new doors for me – doors I hadn’t even realised were there let alone possessed. Understanding my route to recovery and the professionals around helping me, Inspired me to help others.
I qualified as a Personal Trainer NVQ Level 3 in 2012.
I also completed the NVQ Level 2 qualifications in Nutrition, Boxercise, Spin Instructor, Circuit Training and Gym Instructor.
I started at MG Fitness in January 2016 and truly grateful for being asked to join the team. The professional management, high quality equipment and friendly staff have all aided in broadening my Personal Training horizons. As an experienced Personal Trainer, taking pride in ensuring my knowledge and skill are always current, I have a varied clientele to cater for – there is no change too small or too big that can’t be achieved with a growth mind-set, will-power and vision.
Current Activities: Check class info page for Time and Dates
• Boot Camp
• Spin
• Activ8
• BoxFit

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