Mick Glynn

I’ve been working as a freelance Personal Trainer and Gym owner around the Norfolk/Suffolk area for over 15 years, training clients at their homes or at my health club, where I run a number of different exercise classes to suit all abilities. I’ve been very fortunate to have helped so many people achieve their goals, whether it be weight loss, training for a first event or expedition but most of all I’m very aware of just how much a strong body and determined mind can create a confident person and this I’ve seen numerous occasions.

Quality over Quantity

No one wants to live forever, especially if this means living with age related illnesses, however keeping fit and active dramatically reduces the risk of these painful afflictions such as arthritis, Osteoporosis etc

Quality of life involves happiness, self confidence and good health and I believe that Fitness will increase your chance of enjoying all three.

I’ve been very fortunate to have played or taken part in numerous sports ranging from Football, Squash, Long distance running to Mountain biking, climbing, duathlons and water skiing. So no matter what you’re training for, I’ll provide a specific programme for your sport or an event you might be taking part in.


Weekly Fitness classes I Instruct

  • Body Blitz
  • Circuit Training
  • Tai-Bo
  • Bootcamp
  • MegaMix



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