Ellen Pumer

My journey into the fitness world began when I moved from Brighton to Norfolk. After suffering from depression and not knowing anyone in the area I found a place that opened the portal to my happiness ‘MG Fitness’. I started to train regularly and having personal training sessions to guide me. My body and mind became stronger. My trainer became my mentor and inspired me to influence and teach others. Now I am a Qualified Personal Trainer and working in the Gym that lead me to find my passion.

After working as a Personal Trainer for a few months many questions were being asked in regards to ‘diet’ although my studies covered Nutrition it was very basic so I decided to study Advanced Sports Nutrition. This opened up a whole new gateway, I was hooked and utterly fascinated. Now I am a certified Nutrition Consultant specialising in Advanced Sports & Exercise, Detox, Weight Loss and Nutrition Therapy. Food and exercise is a vital component to health and happiness and teaching others the tools for a unique lifestyle change is my aspiration

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