M G Fitness/MG Fitness is online!

MG Fitness is online!

As you’ll already know, I’ve had to temporarily close the gym due to the current Coronavirus situation. But, you can still keep fit with MG Fitness in the meantime! I’ve set up a virtual gym so our members can still enjoy the classes they love.

I will be running the virtual classes over Zoom, so either make sure this the app is downloaded on your smartphone or open it on your internet browser here: https://zoom.us/join

Once you’re on Zoom, simply enter the code for the class you want to join below and you’ll enter the class. I will be in the virtual class early so you’ll have plenty of time to get logged on, set up and ready to sweat!

You can find the virtual class timetable below:





Zoom code

Saturday 28 March 10am HIIT and Miss 45 mins ID 721 417 613
Monday 30 March 10am Rise and Shine 1 hr ID 249 834 216
Monday 30 March 6:30pm Circuits 1 hr ID 373 437 529
Tuesday 31 March 10am HIIT 30 mins ID 707 461 949
Tuesday 31 March 6:30pm Kettlebell HIIT & Core 1 hr ID 317 323 409
Wednesday 1 April 6:30pm Cardio Mash 1 hr ID 817 751 152
Thursday 2 April 9:30am Megamix 1 hr ID 439 737 111
Thursday 2 April 7pm Stronger 45 mins ID 818 147 565

If you have any questions, or want to discuss anything above in more detail, contact me (Mick Glynn) on 07879 455966.

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