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“Mick – Dave here. I’d like to say thanks for all your support and encouragement whilst fighting the bloody illness. My son suggested that I write something that you can use as a testimonial, or quote in the column that you write for the local rag. Do feel free to use it, some of it, or just throw it away if it’s no use!

I want to encourage all of you non-sporty, couch potato-ey, lycra-phobic and slightly saggy people out there to join Mick Glynn’s Fitness Studio. Right now. And no, I am absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the gym. I’m just a saggy, lycra-phobic old git that was lucky enough to find Mick’s place.

I joined when I was overweight, under-exercised and middle-aged. I was determined to make big changes to my life, and finding Mick’s place was the final piece of the jigsaw. Finally, a place where you’re made welcome even if you do have the odd love-handle (and I had far more than mere handles!). Mick assessed me, and set up a series of exercises to ease me in to becoming more fit. I won’t kid you – it was tough to begin with. I ached in some very improbable places! But Mick understand both fitness AND diet, and advised me well on both…

The weird thing is that an exercise routine is oddly addictive. I soon began to really enjoy these workouts – something I would’ve never believed at the start. And the other people at the gym are all incredibly friendly. I soon started going every day possible.

Sadly, after reaching levels of fitness I never dreamt I’d get to, I was diagnosed with leukemia. It’s not as nasty as it sounds, and is being controlled really well by chemotherapy. But the point is – I am STILL going. Mick has been really helpful, and I know that without his help, support and expertise I may well have been an awful lot worse off than I am now.

And the moral is: please DON’T put off joining up. It may just be the best thing you ever do.”

David M Franks

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