M G Fitness/Bootcamp April 2017

Bootcamp April 2017

It might be the working as a group, the variation of exercises, the intensity you wouldn’t normally do yourself, or the joy of exercising in the great outdoors. Whatever the reason, more and more people are choosing to get outdoors in spring to enjoy what the elements throw at them.

I’m sure the feeling of being locked away all winter, creates a desperate mood to break free and stretch those under used muscles. Set in the Beautiful Norfolk countryside MG Fitness have the perfect venue to create their unique Military style assault course and Bootcamp staring in April. The course runs for 10 weeks finishing just in time for the summer holidays.

Due to high demand a four week course has also been setup to cover September.

Generally over the years the weather has been kind to us, but come rain or shine, Bootcamp continues, pushing the most competitive exerciser. However its’s fun and open to all abilities to start and progress over the weeks. Great for pre holiday weight loss and for those wanting out of season training.


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